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For The Garden & Home

Our superb range of marine teak tables and accessories are more than suitable for gardens, patios and decks too and of course for the home!

The difference between "marine" teak and normal teak found in DIY shops and garden centres is the quality of teak used in the manufacture. Standard teak is taken from the outer layers of the teak tree where it has grown fast and is not as dense. "Marine" teak is from the centre of the tree and has took many, many years to grow forming a much thicker density and therefore much stronger and therefore will last so much longer.

Many of our customers order the Nautic Star range of marine teak tables for gardens, patios, decks and homes knowing their purchase will last decades. Of course we even have our "Custom" design section on site where you can design your own table if one of our standard tables is not just perfect! Click here for more details although the chances are that one of our many ranges of tables will be exactly what you are looking for and available from stock.

Take a look at our range today for delivery tomorrow, and please don't hesitate to phone us on our freephone number 0800 122 3373 or (+44) 01502 500333 from mobiles or outside the UK if you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirement.

Investing in a quality garden or home table is a wise decision, it will last decades and add elegance to any seating area, whether garden, patio or decking.

Nautic Star Slide

The Slide has two sliding leafs which when unfolded virtually doubles the size of the table.
Perfect for entertaining.

Three Sizes:
600mm to 1000mm / 23.6" to 39.4"

Nautic Star Circle

The Circle is a stunning unique hand-crafted quality teak table which will add instant style to your vessel.
Two Sizes:
700mm & 940mm / 27.5" & 37"

Nautic Star Wing

With its smooth rounded edges,
the Wing instantaneously
transforms your cockpit,
flybridge or galley
Five Sizes:
600mm to 1500mm / 23.6" to 59"

Nautic Star Cube

The Cube opens from the ends resulting in a square table when closed, but practically double the size when open.

Three Sizes:
800mm to 1250mm / 32.7" to 49.3"

Nautic Star Half Ellipes

The Half Ellipes is a beautifully crafted curved edge teak table.
Perfect for "U" seating areas.

Two Sizes:
700mm & 940mm / 27.5" & 37"

Nautic Star Fold

The Fold is one of our newest designs and is very popular.
With a single fold in the middle, this doubles in size when needed.

Four Sizes:
500mm to 1250mm / 19.7" to 49.2"

Nautic Star Soft

The Soft is a rectangular table with smooth rounded edges.
Cockpit, flybridge or galley.

Six Sizes:
600mm to 1500mm / 23.6" to 59"

Nautic Star Balcony

The Balcony is a flat folding wall mounted table.
Simply lift the table into position when needed

600mm & 750mm
26.6" & 30"

Nautic Star Square

Straight edged and classically designed with bevelled corners.
Perfect in any area.

Three Sizes:
600mm to 900mm / 23.6" to 35.4"

Nautic Star Ellipes

The Ellipes oval table adds instant style to all seating areas.
Classically designed.

Two Sizes:
580mm & 800mm / 22.8" & 31.5"

Completely Design Your Own Table

If we haven't got the perfect table for you, we will build it!  Size, shape, curved sides, flat or folding, the choice is totally yours. Caulking or no caulking, even add your boat name if you wish!

Nautic Star Round

Brand new for 2015, the Round is simple in itself, but adds a touch a class to any area

Three Sizes:
500mm to 800mm / 19.7" to 31.5"

Nautic Classic

The Nautic Classic is a classically understated beautifully designed teak table. Without caulking or the embedded Star

Three Sizes:
620mm to 900mm
24.4" to 35.4"

Removable Adjustable Pedestal

Perfect for areas where you need to remove the table to create more space, this adjustable height pedestal has a screwed ratchet system built into the base which makes an extremely secure mount.
500mm - 700mm

Nautic Star Eight

Unique, eight sided hand crafted table - An attractive addition and a real eye catcher!

Two Sizes:
550mm & 750mm / 21.6" & 29.5"

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