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Environment Information

Here at Marine Teak we love the environment, just like you.

That is why all our teak comes from state controlled sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia. The total area of the plantations has not expanded in 50 years.

Through proper documentation, in accordance with the requirements of the FSC-standard, every delivery from Marine Teak can be traced back to its place of origin in the plantation where the trees were harvested and replaced with new plants. Even our deliveries to customers are CO2 Neutral!

We are renowned for our high quality tables and we only use the very best quality timber from selected trees, which is the area of timber where the annual rings are closest together conforming to our exacting standards.

There is a big difference between cheap, fast grown, thinning timber, often used for teak garden furniture, and the teak specially selected for the marine environment. Every piece of teak is carefully selected when joining the table together in the production process to ensure that both the colour and the finished look will be in harmony.

We know you will be ecstatic with your new Marine Teak table, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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