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We build marine quality teak tables for many UK and Worldwide boatbuilders to their own specification. You would of almost certainly seen our tables on your travels but probably not realised they were actually Marine Teak tables. You design the specification, size, shape, depth, folding or non-folding, caulking or no caulking, and we can even add your company logo in the centre to truly make the table a part of your vessels.

Aesthetically, the table is the second largest horizontal item on board after the decking itself and more manufacturers are realising that adding a quality table will only enhance their offering. In most cases, a table specifically built for you will actually be cheaper than a plastic or GRP table built offsite - plus of course it adds style and luxury to any boat!

Adding a strategic 'fold' in the table can quickly and easy double the usable cockpit area creating more space, usability and versatility. How many times have you been on a boat where you have to squeeze past the edge of the table to sit down? Every customer regardless of size of vessel is looking for this solution!

Your own design can be standard equipment or of course added as an optional extra.

Talk to our design team today to get a feel of how we can work with you to ensure you can add a fabulous piece of marine furniture to your range. Obviously we do not openly advertise our trade customers, but take a look at some of our recent end user designs for style and design ideas here then give us a call on 0800 122 3373 or 01502 500333 or complete the following form for undivided attention.

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