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Binnacle Systems

We are asked quite often if we have a table suitable for a yacht that can either be mounted to the binnacle and fold down, or for a free standing solution that can be removed quickly and easily when not required. Obviously we have a full range of deck mounted pedestals, and now we also have the option of binnacle systems.

For the binnacle solution, we recommend the Nautic Star Wing 600mm table which can be seen 
here, or our new Nautic Sail which can be seen here. If you already have a table installed, then simply unscrew the existing table and replace with the Wing 600.

If you do not have the fixings in place, then take a look at either of our systems below depending on your setup.

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Nautic Star Folding Marine Teak Table

Nautic Star Wing


Binnacle / Rail Table Mount (Pair)


Binnacle / Wall Table Mount


Nautic Sail

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