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All Dimensions

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Nautic Star ClassicNautic Star Classic

370mm x 600mm
510mm x 750mm
580mm x 900mm

Nautic Star Soft

370mm x 600mm
510mm x 750mm
580mm x 900mm
610mm x 810mm
665mm x 826mm
700mm x 800mm
510mm x 860mm
510mm x 1200mm
650mm x 1500mm
720mm x 1000mm
800mm x 1220mm
1000mm x 1500mm
Nautic Star
Half Ellipes

500mm x 700mm
610mm x 940mm
610mm x 1100mm

Nautic Star Ellipes

440mm x 580mm
600mm x 800mm
Nautic Star Eight

Nautic Star Balcony

380mm x 600mm
510mm x 750mm
Nautic Star Wing

340/680 x 600mm
340/680 x 800mm
340/680 x 1000mm
340/680 x 1250mm
340/680 x 1500mm

Nautic Star Slide

340/580 x 600mm
340/580 x 800mm
340/580 x 1000mm
Nautic Star Circle

250/500mm x 700mm
300/610mm x 940mm
356/712mm x 1100mm
350/700mm x 500mm
470/960mm x 600mm
Nautic Venice

420mm x 620mm
480mm x 770mm
610mm x 900mm
Nautic Star Round

Nautic Sealine S37

Cockpit Table
1084mm x 868mm
Nautic Star Sealine F42/5
510mm x 860mm
510mm x 1200mm
Nautic Sealine F33 / 330

Cockpit Table:
1230mm x 500mm
Nautic Star Curve

Cockpit Table:
1010mm x 725mm
Nautic Star Cube


Nautic Star Fold

340/680 x 500mm
340/680 x 750mm
340/680 x 1000mm
340/680 x 1250mm
Nautic Star Square

500 x 500mm
650 x 650mm
800 x 800mm

Nautic Star Smooth

1100 x 610mm
Nautic Star Saturn

1120 x 870mm
Nautic Star Quarter

800 x 800mm
Nautic Sail

350/700mm x 640mm
350/700mm x 800mm
350/700mm x 900mm

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