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All of our pedestal range will work perfectly with all of our tables, flat or folding up to and including the 1,000mm ranges. To narrow down your ideal pedestal, firstly decide on whether you would like the table to be height adjustable - this is perfect if you would like to use it as a coffee table as well as at regular height. Also decide if you would like to remove the table when not needed. This creates a lot more room in your chosen location when the table is not needed. Our most popular pedestal, the "Removable Pedestal with Locking System and Height Adjustable" gives the best of both worlds - with a superb locking system that ensures no wobble as normally found with this type of pedestal.

Also in this section, we have our range of pedestal accessories: spare bases if you would like to be able to have your new table and pedestal in two locations - and of course our favourite teak sealer of all time - Semco.  We have tested loads of sealers and this comes top every time. So easy to apply and lasts a whole season!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call on the free phone number shown above, or if calling from a mobile, please use the numbers on the 'Contact' tab above - these calls are usually free to landlines.

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Lagun Adjustable Swivelling Cockpit Table Mounting System 30605


Removable Table Pedestal with Locking System - Adjustable Height


Teak Tray - Caulked Design - Modern


Heavy Duty Gas Sprung Deluxe Pedestal 003


Teak Chopping Board Rectangular


Wessex 2 Part Teak Cleaner - Concentrated


Semco Teak Sealer "NATURAL" Two Sizes Available


Teak Chopping Board Round


Semco Teak Sealer "HONEYTONE" Two Sizes Available


Telescopic Fixed Triple Table Pedestal


Removable Tri-Telescopic Pedestal - MANUAL Adjustable Height


Electric Heavy Duty Deluxe Pedestal GIANT Inc Controller 12v / 24v


Heavy Duty Freestanding Deluxe Pedestal 002


Heavy Duty Gas Sprung Deluxe Pedestal 003 with Bi-Directional Table Slider


Lagun Additional Mount


Teak Marstrand Directors Chair Navy Blue


Teak Marstrand Directors Chair "Business Grey"


Additional Base For Removable Pedestals


Stainless Steel Deluxe Fixed Pedestal


Stainless Steel Deluxe Fixed Pedestal with Sliding Mechanism


Aluminium Floor Mount Pedestal Base


Aluminium Under Table Mount Pedestal Base


Anodised Aluminium Pedestal Leg 700mm


Binnacle / Wall Table Mount


Chrome Plated Complete Table Pedestal Set


Chrome Plated Pedestal Leg 700mm


HILO Heavy Duty Under Table Mount for HiLo Pedestal


Lagun Additional Mount - PLATE ONLY


Lagun Additional Shim (Pack of One)


Lagun End Plug 30808


Lagun End Seal 30807


Lagun Offset Extended Base Mount Kit


Lagun Replacement Black Rotating Handle Inc Bolt


Lagun Sleeve Pk2


Pedestal Leg Recessed Floor Plug


Removable Pedestal Fixed Height 80mm


Removable Table Pedestal With Locking System - Fixed Height


SQUARE Electric Pedestal 2 Stage - Stainless Steel


SQUARE Electric Pedestal 3 Stage - Stainless Steel


Sealine Forum Burgee / Pennant


Stainless Under Table Mounted Support / Handrail

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